10 Juli 2018 - 10 Agustus 2018

Although we often use it alternately, style and fashion are two different things, they are not even synonym. On clothes, for example, style is used to distinguish the sewing technique or the shape of clothing; while in fashion, is a happening style. Fashion reflects ‘a way of life’ of an individual, also the parasite of style.

Fashion is never neutral, it is rather created. It has a functional value (to cover the body, to warm the body) and is linked to various things such as religious experience, aesthetic experience, a particular culture, moral interest, political factor, to the competition of the corporates in dominating the market within the popular culture. Fashion is always associated with taste. However, taste is also shaped historically, and related to a certain regime. 
This exhibition is meant to explore those assumptions, while also relate it to several ideas which the artists responded to. We are about to explore fashion, either as clothing or other forms. It can be related with the root of culture, exploring its materiality to the special issues revolving around it. We depart from an assumption that fashion is not something which is given, take for granted, it is rather something created.