Letter Callus Post-war

2019-04-13 00:00:00

Letter. Callus. Post-war

What stories did we hear from the past? What were the history witnessed by the survivals that are excluded from the written chronicle? Is it possible to extract more methods to define ourselves from the shattered sound in the ash of history and the cultural marks that are imprinted on the body memory?

This project developed with several journeys between Taiwan and the Indonesian islands. There is an indelible connection of the history and modern social situation between these two countries. With an unique past, Taiwan was governed by different realms, its native language was eliminated, the identification of the motherland was erased and the taiwanese history and the geographical recognition was constantly replaced by different knowledge systems. However, the group or individual with advantages of languages and arms in post-war time choose to bury their voice and the memories away instead of keep remembering it.

In this exhibition, the artists present their sharp insights, collect the fragments of time and dedicate on the studies of the individual history trace that remains in micro-objects. They excavate the discourse to exceed the current definition of modern national geography. It is bizarre and amusing to see these unrecordable residues from the past, such as personal memory, correspondence and craftsmanship become the cultural heritage among the people. This heritage is well preserved and share the similarities among different regions with its untranscribable symptom. The embroidery of different culture heritages weave into each other, as well as develop into their specific traits.

Opening Exhibition 
Saturday, 13 April 2019
19:00 WIB

13 April – 19 Mei 2019

Chen Hsiang-Wen
Arham Rahman

Arwin Hidayat
Chen Yow-Ruu x Au Sow-Yee
Liu Yu 
Lo Yi-Chun
Maharani Mancanagara 
Meicy Sitorus
Wu Chi-Yu
Zhang-Xu Zhan

Galeri Lorong
RT 01 Dusun Jeblok, Dukuh 3, 
Tirtonirmolo, Kasihan, 
Bantul, Yogyakarta.