Thinking Through Craft

16 Desember 2017 - 20 Januari 2018

Craft is understood as a discipline that based on medium. While as a cultural practice, craft exists within its opposition with modern(ism) concept about art. The talk about craft is always related with skill, technique, function, and also specific process and material. It is always connected with physical activities rather that an abstract ideas. Then how will we put craft as a perspective or a concept?

This project has an interest to examine that question through various artistic modus. We put craft not only as a way of working, but also as a reading tool. Not only a work which involves the body, but also moved by the abstract idea or even becomes the idea itself. It exists within the process –it resonates among the materials, a picture of objects and tools which is used to realize –also a relation among the subjects within the working progress. It is related with habit, behavior, and approach.

We try to extract the working concept of craft to be applied in various practice and objects outside the limit of the medium. Tinkering and changing the object, it may come from something aesthetical to something functional or the other way around –so that from only playing with it, then it becomes something playful. Through these experiments, we hope that we could unravel the development of the practice and the discourse about craft.