Pameran Seni Rupa Membongkar Ruang Persediaan 4: 1 - 7

06 Juli 2020 - 30 September 2020

“What a pleasure knowing an exhibition can be studied by un-mono methods. It is truly happy reading the artworks displayed in various notes. Though Corona is changing so many things, not all then become always gloomy and messed up. Still, there are the joyful things which can continue to be done, shared, occurred, till celebrated so life is still precious”


Let's appreciate the fine art exhibition Dismantle the Stockroom #4: 1 – 7

Curator: Octalyna Puspa Wardany


By 5 Young Curator “Sekolah Menulis dan Penelitian Seni Rupa program”:

Ahmad Sulton

Athif Thitah Amithuhu

Donnie Trisfian

Gisela Maria

Pinka Oktafiatun Qumaira


And 8 artists:

Alfin Agnuba (Grafis Minggiran)

Bambang Nurdiansyah

Danang Hadi (Grafis Minggiran)

Ipeh Nur

Lulus Boli (Grafis Minggiran)

Maharani Mancanegara

Rully P.A (Grafis Minggiran)

Sarah Arifin


Until then s.d. September 30, 2020

Galeri Lorong Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Download e-catalogue from icon pdf on below