Meet | clash | lose | find

24 November 2022 - 25 November 2022

We would like to invite you for our final presentation!

Date: 24 & 25 November 2022
Time: 18:30 – 22:00
Location: @galerilorong & @saorsaselatan

Meet | clash | lose | find
22 artists from 10 different countries come together in Yogyakarta to engage with the city, encounter people and collaborate. Coming from different contexts and backgrounds, meeting is not always easy. We sometimes need to clash or get lost and eventually find ourselves again. Creative open processes are full of surprises and unexpected discoveries.
The final presentation shows the exploration of boundaries, the engagement with other individuals and their perspectives, negotiating common ground. The performances and installations reflect one's own and other positions and open up new dimensions in a transcultural context.
Run by Shared Campus, the international semester programme Transcultural Collaboration invites you to witness our explorations through 8 collective projects that can be seen and felt at Galeri Lorong.

Alexandre Gaeng | Armin Aschenbrenner | Estelle Wan | Hsuan Chao| Jacqueline Haller | José Guijarro | Josie Turnbull | Keyao Ji | Keyi Qin | Kushtrim Memeti | Lily Pellaud | Linda Steck | Luca Klett | Naiwen Chou | Noëmi Leonhardt | Richard Blaško | Shao-ting Lee | Teck Peng Lim | Xapa Lit | Yiyang Sun | Zhenyi Zhu

Aan Cahya Kurnia | Ahmad Sulton | Andreas Siagian | Angela Wittwer | Arham Rahman | Cimon Dietersdorfer | Daniel Späti | Dimitri de Perrot | Mara Djukari? | Muhammad Wahyudhita Arif | Mukti Anggoro | Nova Rachmad Basuki aka Nopel | Nuria Krämer | Panji Trihatmojo | Shinta Ayu Permatasari | Yohanes Widoyoko

Partner Institutions:
Galeri Lorong (@galerilorong)
Instrumentasia (

Partner Universities:
City University of Hong Kong/School of Creative Media
Hong Kong Baptist University
LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore
Kyoto Seika University
Taipei National University of the Arts
Tokyo University of the Arts
University of the Arts London
Zurich University of the Arts

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