Lorong Homestay is integrated with the art gallery, it is located in Nitiprayan where the people resides with the harmony of art and culture. Nitiprayan is known as art kampong seni –a residence with which surrounded by art activities. Lorong Homestay offers you a new experience through its surroundings and the character of the houses.

Lorong Homestay consists of 2 houses and 6 rooms, completed with kitchens and living rooms where you can share new stories, ideas, and experience.

The houses of Lorong Homestay are the combination of concretes and woods. The houses are made from the used materials which the Ugahari architecture tries to carry out their potential within the physical existence. They performed their most effort to get to know the characteristic of the materials, so that the sustainability of the materials are exceptionally guaranteed.

The environment and the character of Ugahari building are the modesty that we offer to you, so you can still enjoy the sobriety among the clamorous of Yogyakarta’s tourism activities.

We would like to be the part of your journey.