Bridie Gillman’s practice has focused on the hybridity that often results as part of the process of negotiating cross-cultural experiences. Drawing from her background experiences of living in both Australia and Indonesia, she explore ways in which materials can elicit memory, and are capable of articulating those experiences of awkwardness, the hesitant and the unknown that can so often produce new forms and expressions.

Gillman is an emerging artist based in Brisbane and completed her Bachelor of Fine Art with Honours at Griffith University, Queensland College of Art in 2013. Since graduating she has conducted a residency in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and exhibited nationally and internationally.


Solo exhibitions

  • 2013, Baggage Claim, Witchmeat ARI, Brisbane
  • 2014, Translations, The Hold Artspace, Brisbane
  • 2015, Moonbird, Gallery Ten, Hobart

Group exhibitions

  • 2010, Exquisite Corpse: Homage to David (Attenborough that is) Show, Jugglers Art Space, Brisbane
  • 2010, Bad Pixel Showcase at Space+Ship, Brisbane Artist Run Initiative Festival, King George Square, Brisbane
  • 2010, Diaphanous Plane, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane
  • 2011, no kings, no parliaments, no assemblies, White Box, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane
  • 2011, Coalesce, Jugglers Art Space, Brisbane
  • 2011, Artillery, Jugglers Art Space, Brisbane
  • 2011, To That Which Is: graduate exhibition, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane
  • 2012, X Show, Jugglers Art Space, Brisbane
  • 2012, +mas, Addition Gallery, Brisbane
  • 2013, Arus Balik, Sanggar Bangun Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • 2013, EXIST-ENCE 5 Performance Art Festival, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane
  • 2013, Middle Ground, The Hold Artspace, Brisbane
  • 2013, Crossing borders: video art, place and identity, curated by The Hold Artspace at Northshore Containerval Festival, Brisbane
  • 2013, LiMEN: Graduate Exhibition, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane
  • 2013, The GAS: Graduate art show + the Survey co. Art Prize, Griffith University Art Gallery, Brisbane
  • 2013, It’s a Wrap, The Box, Brisbane
  • 2013, Air, 107 Projects, Sydney
  • 2014, Day-Day! [dédé], Galeri Lorong, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • 2014, Tools of the trade, Brisbane Artist Run Initiative festival, Brisbane
  • 2015, [Upcoming] Blue Monaro, The Walls Artspace,Gold Coast
  • 2015, [Upcoming] The moment something is understood it begins to be forgotten, Blindside, Melbourne